EXHIBIT B: Safety Training Sessions for All Staff

Park District of La Grange
Safety Training Sessions for All Staff


CPR/AED/First Aid training where people are certified for 2 years with Medic First Aid

  • HELP  Human Resource Employment  Liability Program (Administration Staff)
Spring Training Topics
  • Weather Related Emergencies
  • Statement of Admission
  • Fire and Evacuation Plan
  • Accident/Incident Reports
  • PDRMA Vehicle Safety Initiatives
  • Use of Electronic Devices
  • Safety Incentive Program
Fall Training Topics:
Summer Training Topics:
  • Sexual Harassment/Reporting Harassment 
  • Statement of Admission 
  • Hazard Recognition 
  • Playground Safety & Severe Weather  
  • Emergency Response Planning - Are you Ready to Respond? 
  • Basic First Aid 
  • First Aid Kits 
  • Material Handling 
  • Accident/Incident Reports 
  • VESSA Training 
  • Employee Safety Incentive Program 
  • Hearing Protection & Respirator Use 
  • Right to Know 
  • PDRMA Initiatives 
  • Miscellaneous _ general safety rules, emergency closings, etc. 
  • Job Responsibilities 
  • Communication, Employee Contact List & Organizational Chart 
  • Personal Appearance 
  • Public Relations 
  • Evaluations (staff & program)-form 
  • Payroll Information and Payroll Pay Periods 
  • Miscellaneous (Cell phone usage, visitors, adult discussions, after work activities, smoking, staff shirts outside the workplace) 
  • Child Abuse/Mandated Reporter Act 
  • Hiring practice, resignation, discipline dismissal, grievance/complaint procedures 
  • Drug Free Workplace 
  • Bloodborne Pathogens 
  • Crisis Management 
  • ADA/Inclusion 
  • Behavior Management