The World Languages Program in District 102 offers elementary students a unique approach to studying language. Designed by the administration and staff in 2011, this program gives students the opportunity to learn a second language and study various cultures. The newly enhanced World Languages program offers students a challenging Spanish curriculum at grades K-4 and new choices for language learning beginning in fifth grade.

In grades K-4, all students are provided challenging Spanish instruction. Students in grades K-2 receive one 30-minute Spanish session per week and students in grades 3 and 4 receive two 30-minute sessions each week provided by the World Languages teacher.

In fifth and sixth grades, students are provided a blended learning model for language learning. This model includes three components: use of technology, conversation groups, and cultural research. In this model, the use of the Rosetta Stone language system is combined with the World Languages teacher’s expertise to provide a unique, personalized learning experience, one that is differentiated based on the students’ language proficiency, background, learning style, and learner pace.

Students in grades 4 through 6 receive letter grades. In fourth grade, grades are based on quizzes, tests, project completion, and participation and effort. In fifth grade and sixth grades, grades are based on use of the Rosetta Stone language learning system, participation in conversation groups, and completion of a cultural research project.