District Key Communicator Mailing List Signup Form

The purpose of the District 102 Key Communicator mailing list is to push out information to members to keep them informed of upcoming district events and other important information. Members will receive notifications when Board meeting materials are posted for upcoming School Board meetings, financial updates are posted to the District 102 website, new blogs are posted by the superintendent, and other district wide event notifications are warranted.

Anyone may join or unsubscribe from this mailing list at any time.

To join this list, please click here and fill out the form that is presented.

Use the unsubscribe link found in list emails to remove yourself from the list.

For any additional questions, please contact Al Kirkus, Technology Director, School District 102 @ kirkusal 'at' dist102.k12.il.us or call 708-482-2400 x 2004